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Why You Shouldn't Skip Your Annual Physical

Dr. Elvira Jasarevic06/24/2024

Annual physical exams offer insights into your health. Find out how routine check-ups and primary care services aid in the early detection of issues.


Comprehensive Primary Care Services in Grapevine: Dr. Elvira Jasarevic

Dr. Elvira Jasarevic06/03/2024

Discover how Dr. Elvira Jasarevic at Crescent Direct Primary Care in Grapevine offers affordable cash-pay services for urgent care, chronic disease ma


Understanding Endometriosis: Symptoms, Treatment, and Why It Often Goes Undiagno

Dr. Elvira Jasarevic05/09/2024

Learn about endometriosis, a chronic disease that causes pelvic pain, infertility, and other symptoms, often missed due to lack of awareness, and how


Quitting smoking is possible by working closely with your primary care Doctor.

Dr. Elvira Jasarevic04/26/2024

Let us help you quit smoking. This alone is one thing you can do for your health to prevent cancers and other diseases. Why not give yourself a chance


Empower Your Health: The Vital Role of Pap Smears in Preventing Cervical Cancer

Dr. Elvira Jasarevic04/15/2024

Discover the transformative impact of regular Pap smears through the lens of annual physicals, the expertise of Dr. Elvira Jasarevic, and the personal


Migraines can be a headache to diagnose and treat in primary care

Dr. Elvira Jasarevic04/04/2024

How to treat migraines


what problem is Direct Primary Care solving?

Dr. Elvira Jasarevic04/02/2024

Direct Primary Care is here to solve our unhealthy healthcare


Video on cost effective primary care

Dr. Elvira Jasarevic03/25/2024

primary care is affordable and can be better with a low monthly fee no insurance required


Weight Loss medications and Alcohol Cravings

Dr. Elvira Jasarevic03/22/2024

medications helping with alcohol cravings and weight loss


Maximizing Savings and Enhancing Employee Retention through Direct Primary Care 

Dr. Elvira Jasarevic03/19/2024

Explore how Dr. Elvira Jasarevic and Crescent Direct Primary Care can help businesses save costs and boost staff retention by working together.


Dr.Elvira Jasarevic: Using Microcurrent Neurofeedback in mental health treatment

Dr. Elvira Jasarevic03/19/2024

Discover how Crescent Direct Primary Care's Dr. Elvira Jasarevic utilizes microcurrent neurofeedback to help patients find relief from anxiety, depres


Why Dr. Elvira Jasarevic Recommends Crescent Direct Primary Care for all

Dr. Elvira Jasarevic03/18/2024

Discover why Dr. Elvira Jasarevic advocates for Crescent Direct Primary Care, a membership-based model offering same-day or next-day visits without th

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