Quitting smoking is possible by working closely with your primary care Doctor.

By: Dr. Elvira Jasarevic


Smoking....one of the hardest things to quit. I have had patients quit cocaine and IV drug use before they would quit tobacco use.  People try to quit up to six times before they are finally able to stop....so if you fall back and pick it up again don't take it as a sign that you just can't do it!  

We, the primary care Physicians, are here for you. We hear you, we know it's hard but with time and perseverance we can quit the habit. 

Quitting smoking is not as simple as slapping a nicotine patch on or chewing gum, actually if you're just chewing the gum all day it already tells me you're doing it wrong and you have not received the guidance you need.

Success of quitting is dependent on so many factors. Do you have to smoke within the first hour of waking up? Do you wake up to smoke? How many cigarettes? How many years? Any underlying anxiety and depression that has not been treated? 

These are all important questions your Doctor should be exploring. 

These are all important questions your Doctor should be exploring. toxin via inhalation. It can lead to bronchitis and smoke from marijuana has toxins and irritants. So you are not any safer by changing your habit from one to another. 

Vaping is a way to decrease nicotine use. It can be used as a transition but switching only is not the answer. And sometimes it can deter you from quitting because of the false notion that it's harmless. 

When you see a direct primary care Doctor we will give you the time you need, we will ask the right questions and tailor your treatment. We will follow up without the fear of more copays or charges. 

So if you're afraid of getting cancer (mouth, throat, stomach, colon and bladder cancer -and others) then come talk to your primary care Physician about how we can help you quit smoking. 

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