Maximizing Savings and Enhancing Employee Retention through Direct Primary Care 

By: Dr. Elvira Jasarevic


 Dr. Elvira Jasarevic, Crescent Direct Primary Care: A Solution for Cost-Efficient Employee Healthcare 

Businesses are constantly seeking ways to save on healthcare costs while retaining valuable employees. One innovative approach gaining traction is partnering with Direct Primary Care practices like Crescent Direct Primary Care, led by Dr. Elvira Jasarevic. This model offers a cost-effective solution that benefits both employers and employees. 

Direct Primary Care eliminates the traditional fee-for-service model, providing comprehensive primary care services for a flat monthly fee. By partnering with practices like Crescent Direct Primary Care, businesses can offer quality healthcare to employees at a predictable cost, leading to significant cost savings in the long run. 

Moreover, this model enhances employee retention by ensuring timely access to care, promoting preventive health measures, and fostering a strong patient-physician relationship. Employees feel valued when their healthcare needs are met efficiently, leading to increased job satisfaction and loyalty. 

Dr. Elvira Jasarevic's practice exemplifies the personalized and compassionate care that Direct Primary Care offers. Through proactive management of chronic conditions, preventive screenings, and same-day appointments, employees receive top-notch care that prioritizes their well-being. 

Partnering with Crescent Direct Primary Care not only saves businesses money on healthcare costs, lowering premiums, but also elevates employee satisfaction and retention rates. Dr. Elvira Jasarevic's commitment to quality care makes this partnership a smart choice for businesses looking to invest in their employees' health and well-being.

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