Annual Physicals in Grapevine, TX

An annual physical is a routine primary care visit that helps you stay in great health. At Crescent Direct Primary Care, Dr. Elvira Jasarevic provides annual physical exams for adults. By performing a comprehensive exam and lab work, your physician will assess your overall health, check for underlying medical concerns, and recommend any appropriate treatments. Your physical exam will be personalized based on your stage of life and your individual needs. If it has been a while since the last time you had a medical checkup, then get in touch with our office in Grapevine, TX to book your appointment.

An annual physical exam at Crescent Direct Primary Care will include a review of your medical history along with checking your basic health indicators, like your blood pressure, weight, respiratory rate, and pulse. Typically, we will conduct routine lab work, including a urine analysis and blood panel, which checks for a variety of health indicators, such as your thyroid, cholesterol, liver, heart, and immune system. Other screening tests, like cancer screenings, might be conducted based on your age and gender. Your primary care visit in Grapevine, TX is also a good time to discuss additional health concerns or issues with Dr. Jasarevic. Any necessary guidance or recommendations will be provided during your appointment.

Annual physicals in Grapevine, TX are an essential part of maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle and offer several great benefits, like:

  • Updating your medical and vital information
  • Offering testing and screening for serious health conditions
  • Producing a clear picture of your current health status
  • Diagnosing health problems early
  • Allowing earlier treatment for better outcomes
  • Setting future health goals
  • Providing peace of mind

Dr. Jasarevic made my visit very welcoming like no other doctor has. She is very sweet and kind, I highly recommend going to her.

L.M. Google

Absolutely love her as my new pcp. Even today I was inquiring about appointment she had time today which is unheard of with good drs like her.

A.E. Google

I really enjoyed the care I received as a patient with this office.I was only there for a short time,I'm sure I would have rated her 5 Stars if I was able to be there longer she takes the time and listens to your needs and concerns.Great Docter

D.D. Google

Dr. Jasarevic is amazing and so knowledgeable! She really listens to you, has creative solutions, doesn’t over treat, and is empathetic. She has improved my health tremendously and is literally the best doctor I’ve ever had. I don’t say that lightly. Ten stars!!

L.P. Google

I am always made to feel that my health is of the utmost importance. I am treated with respect and made to feel that I make a difference. I am very comfortable with this Doctor and will be the first to recommend her.

D.D. Google


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What should I bring to my annual physical appointment?

When attending your annual physical at Crescent Direct Primary Care, bring your identification, insurance card, a list of any medications you are currently taking, including supplements and over-the-counter medications. It's also helpful to bring any relevant medical records and a list of questions or concerns you may have about your health.

What types of follow-up care might be necessary after an annual physical?

Follow-up care after an annual physical at Crescent Direct Primary Care can vary based on the findings of your exam. It might include referrals to specialists, additional diagnostic tests, or a follow-up appointment to review test results and monitor progress on any new treatments. The clinic emphasizes continuity of care, ensuring you receive comprehensive support as needed.

How long does an annual physical typically take?

An annual physical at Crescent Direct Primary Care usually lasts between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on your health status and if any additional tests or discussions are needed. The clinic aims to ensure thorough evaluations without feeling rushed, providing ample time to address all aspects of your health.

Are personalized health assessments offered during annual physicals?

Yes, Crescent Direct Primary Care offers personalized health assessments during annual physicals, focusing on your specific health needs and risk factors. This may include discussions about lifestyle, diet, exercise, and preventive measures tailored to your age, gender, and family history. This personalized approach helps in developing a targeted health plan.

Even if you don't have any existing medical problems, it's recommended that you visit your primary care provider for periodic checkups. At Crescent Direct Primary Care, we perform annual physical exams that assess your total health and well-being. Contact our office in Grapevine, TX to schedule a visit for yourself or a family member.

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