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Skin conditions, such as melasma and acne, and the need for skin biopsies are fairly common among individuals in Grapevine, TX, affecting men, women, and children alike. These conditions can sometimes lead to minor health issues that have a broader impact on your overall health and wellness. The spectrum of skin conditions is wide, and they can manifest anywhere on the body or face. They might present as isolated occurrences, like a mole, or spread over larger areas, as seen with acne. Beyond their aesthetic impact, skin conditions are often irritating and can be painful. That's where Dr. Elvira Jasarevic at Crescent Direct Primary Care comes in, offering a range of treatments tailored to address various skin issues. From rashes to more specific conditions requiring a skin biopsy, our team in Grapevine, TX is equipped to diagnose and manage your skin concerns effectively.

Treatments will vary, depending on the type of skin condition you have. We may recommend an over-the-counter medication or we may prescribe a topical ointment or other medication to help you manage your symptoms. In other cases, we may use a treatment that stimulates the body's natural healing process. We may suggest lifestyle changes, depending on the cause of your skin condition to help reduce flare-ups. Some of the common skin conditions we treat include:

  • Melasma
  • Acne
  • Warts and moles
  • Hives and rashes
  • Infections
  • Dermatitis
  • Eczema
  • Skin lesions

Identifying the symptoms of common skin conditions is crucial for timely and effective treatment. Acne, melasma, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea each present unique symptoms that affect individuals differently. Here's a quick guide to recognizing these key symptoms:


  • Characterized by pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads, mainly on the face, chest, and back
  • The skin may appear oily with scars or dark spots remaining after the acne clears


  • Manifests as dark, discolored patches on the skin, typically on the face, including the cheeks, bridge of the nose, forehead, and above the upper lip
  • These patches are more pronounced under sun exposure and are symmetrical

Eczema (atopic dermatitis):

  • Presents as itchy, red, and dry skin that may blister, ooze, or peel, often affecting the elbows, knees, neck, wrists, and ankles
  • Chronic cases can lead to thick, cracked, and scaly skin


  • Features red patches of skin covered with thick, silvery scales, most commonly on the scalp, elbows, knees, and lower back
  • The affected areas can be itchy or sore, and in severe cases, the skin may crack and bleed


  • Causes redness on the cheeks, nose, chin, or forehead that may come and go, potentially spreading to the neck, chest, ears, or scalp
  • Symptoms include visible blood vessels, swollen or sensitive skin, and sometimes acne-like breakouts

Dr. Jasarevic is amazing and so knowledgeable! She really listens to you, has creative solutions, doesn’t over treat, and is empathetic. She has improved my health tremendously and is literally the best doctor I’ve ever had. I don’t say that lightly. Ten stars!!

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I always feel comfortable going to their office. The staff is great and Dr. Jasarevic Is a wonderful doctor. She’s thorough and caring and I always feel extremely cared for when I go for my check ups. If anybody needs a new doctor, I would recommend her.

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I am always made to feel that my health is of the utmost importance. I am treated with respect and made to feel that I make a difference. I am very comfortable with this Doctor and will be the first to recommend her.

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Great doctor! She takes care of her patients and she listens to her patients. Very friendly and cheerful.

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Dr. Jasarevic is such a great doctor! She is also a very friendly & caring person!

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Everyone can experience common skin concerns, such as acne, melasma, or rashes, but fortunately, you don't have to accept them as permanent. Tackle these prevalent skin conditions with the support of Crescent Direct Primary Care. Dr. Elvira Jasarevic is dedicated to helping our patients attain a healthier, more confident look with personalized skin care treatments. Begin your journey by booking a consultation at our office in Grapevine, TX.

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