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Meet Elvira Jasarevic D.O.

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Elvira Jasarevic D.O.

Crescent Direct Primary Care is an outstanding family medicine practice serving the community of Southlake, Texas. Under the leadership of Elvira Jasarevic, DO, the practice has earned a reputation for excellence in the region.

When determining how to shape the professional path of her practice, Dr. Jasarevic decided to take a novel approach, one that focuses on accessibility and affordability. A subscription service model allows patients to pay a monthly fee to gain access to a wide range of basic health and wellness services.

This approach allows Dr. Jasarevic the time and flexibility to spend as much time with each patient as needed. Unlike traditional insurance-based medical practices where patients are treated like mere numbers on a spreadsheet, this membership model offers access to Dr. Jasarevic by phone, email, and texts, with visits ranging between 30-60 minutes.

There are no surprise fees, and wholesale lab testing is available at around 95% off of standard costs. There are no co-pays, and no charges for office visits. In addition to routine health and wellness services, additional treatments are available at deeply discounted pricing. 

Preventive health is a primary area of focus, and top quality annual physicals and women’s health exams are provided. Acute care services are available, and urgent care is also a benefit when you experience unexpected illness and injury. Chronic disease management can help with diabetes care, blood pressure control, and weight loss services.

As a direct primary care practice, we are not contracted with any health insurance or third-party payors. Instead, our patients pay an affordable monthly membership fee for unlimited & direct access to their physician with exceptional, personalized healthcare. Cutting out the middleman allows us to provide you with meaningful care at a fraction of the cost.

For residents in and around Southlake, Texas, who are searching for a high quality, unrushed health care experience, Crescent Direct Primary Care is a great option. 

You are welcome to book a free meet and greet with us. We cant wait to meet you. Call today to request an initial visit, or schedule online in just a matter of moments.

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Smiling headshot of our provider
Smiling headshot of our provider
Smiling headshot of our provider
Smiling headshot of our provider